What The Golf?

The golf game for people who hate golf and love bugs.

What The Support?

Recently fixed bugs that will come with next patch:
  • Annoying popup
  • Missing portal level
  • Barrel challenge crash
  • Lost savegame progress
  • Hang on startup
  • Rare crash on minimizing
  • iPad Pro black sides

If it hangs/crashes on startup and you can't wait for the update, playing without Game Center will often let you play, but it will be on a new save.

Send an email to support@triband.net and we'll get back to you.

Less great for bug reporting, but you are welcome to talk to us here:

Or join the #bugs channel on Discord .
You are also welcome to DM @tribandtweets.

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WHAT THE GOLF? is developed by Triband, a small Copenhagen based studio who happens to dislike golf.